About Spirit of Nature Photo

Sunny has been photographing since her early teenage years in Japan. In her teens, she focused on show dogs as her main subjects. Many of the dog owners used her photos in kennel advertisements for magazines and show catalogs. However, for Sunny who grew up in the countryside in Japan, where many undeveloped areas still remain, nature was her playground. It was inevitable she would develop a strong love of nature and learn to express that passion for the beauty of natural landscapes and wildlife in her photography. She gained a sense of awareness for when nature shows her "magical moment." Sunny moved to the U.S as a student in 1999. Sunny's life changing experence was living/ working in Alaska during the summer of 2001. She spent the summer of 2001 working in Denali National Park, Alaska, and that experience completely changed her point of view of life. She fell in love with the Alaskan pristine wilderness. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Hotel Administration at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She also studied photography at San Diego City College. Currently, Sunny travels around National Parks and Alaskan wilderness for her photography projects. She loves sharing with others the beautiful moment of nature as she has seen and felt. She also has a strong passion to photograph bears in their natural environment and to record dramatic natural landscapes in Alaska. She hopes her photographs will help others appreciate and wish to conserve the remaining wilderness areas. Sunny's fine art prints are displayed and sold at Black Pearl Gallery at the Hevenly Village in South Lake Tahoe. Sunny also works with Alaska Stock Image Agency. Her photographs were published on National Geographic website, the San Diego Union Tribune, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Tahoe Quartely Magazine, and travel magzines in Japan.